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Are you struggling with aches and pains? 

Exercising at Home



PAYG & Monthly Subscription Options

Keeping you motivated with fresh content and inspiration from our Pilates Instructors. Flexible options to pay as you go or subscribe for unlimited access to as many live classes as you like!

Working Out at Home



4-Week Physio & Pilates Rehabilitation

Online 4-week programmes for specific areas of pain, delivered in a structured rehab programme with Pilates videos, Physio videos and useful hints and tips along the way to start you on your journey to better health. 

Video Consultation



Specialist Physiotherapists

We're here to help. Book an appointment for a virtual Physiotherapy assessment from anywhere in the UK. Our Physios will assess you and give you the most appropriate advice for your issue.

Do you suffer from pains in your joints and body?


Struggle with pains in your back, neck and shoulders?
Aching, stiffness, burning sensations in your muscles or pain that gets worse when you move?
Waiting for a hip or knee replacement, or waiting to be referred to a Physiotherapist?


We can help. 


We combine online Pilates and Physiotherapy support to diagnose, rehabilitate and maintain your health and wellbeing. Our rehab programmes include online guided Physiotherapy videos, and Physio-led Pilates rehabilitation programmes, over 100 pre-recorded classes and access to live Pilates classes. 

Our goal is to provide affordable and accessible professional advice and support to as many people as possible to help them recover and then maintain their health and wellbeing. With increasingly long NHS waiting times we want to offer another option to those that need help and support. 

Not injured but looking to start Pilates? 

I started Pilates after my Physio recommended it to help my back.  I like the gentle, clear way Catriona and Lauren explain and demonstrate the exercises.  Doing Pilates regularly keeps my back pain free and I have found a whole lot of new ways to move my limbs!

Helen K.
Retired Teacher

We're here to help you on your journey to health

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