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About Us

Hi, thanks for joining us

We're a team of experienced Physiotherapists, Pilates Instructors and science geeks on a mission to bring our understanding of whole person health to you. We've seen first-hand the difference that improved body control and function has on a person's physical and mental wellbeing. 

With over 30 years of combined professional Physio experience, we started Mind Matter Health, to bring you easy access to effective online Physiotherapy, Pilates and Rehabilitation. 

Meet The Team

vic cover.png

Victoria Anderson


& Co-Founder

Cat cover.png

Catriona Dourish


Pilates Instructor 

& Co-Founder

Lynne cover 4.png

Lynne Martin

Pilates Instructor

(Body Control)

lauren cover.png

Lauren Scott

Pilates Instructor

(Polestar Pilates)

Why Physio & Pilates?

This is what we do everyday. We've treated thousands of different people from across the world over the years and the same themes emerge time and again - injury, pain, lack of motivation.

As research has developed over the years, we have a greater understanding of mind-body connection, the importance of movement and supporting as many people with this as we can. 

Pilates goes hand-in-hand with the ethos of Physiotherapy - empowering people to improve their wellbeing through movement. With a strong focus on breathing, body alignment and core control, Pilates tones your body, improves your posture and helps injury recovery. 

We believe Pilates should be an integral part of every day life - it's as important as brushing your teeth! 

We're using online services to spread our experience as far and wide as we can, whilst acknowledging that we are social beings, and value the importance of human connection. 

We are members of the following registered bodies:
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