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Welcome to our Shop

We've put together a collection of products that we use every day for Pilates and pain relief.  We've tried many items over the years and these are the ones we like best.

These items are all sold by third-party sellers and we receive a small fee if you go on to buy a product via these links.

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Mats, Bolsters and

We use Ekotex Yoga products.  They are a small company based in Edinburgh, providing sustainable mats and props.

Our Favourite Essentials from Ekotex Yoga

Sticky Mats Pic.jpg

Eko Sticky Mat

A Must have.  High quality, light weight grip mat made from eco-friendly material.  Perfect cushioning and stops you from sliding about the floor!

Pilates Equipment

Other bits of equipment to help you get more out of your Pilates sessions.


66fit 90cm Foam Roller

We use these every day, we find that long rollers are better for balance exercises and can also be used for Myofascial release.  These one are firm and durable and don't slide easily.

Pain Relief and Well-being

Tried and tested items we use frequently to help relieve aches, pain and stress.

Defining Strength Massage Balls.png

Massage Balls

Pack of 3 (Spiky, Lacrosse, Peanut Muscle Roller). Ideal for Self Myofascial Trigger Point Release.

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