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Customised Paths to Empower Your Health Journey

Welcome to Your Path to Wellness


At Mind Matter Health, we are committed to providing a pathway to wellness that addresses not just symptoms but the root causes of body and joint issues. Our services are designed to empower you through a deeper understanding of your body's needs and the complex interactions between physical symptoms and overall health. Explore our range of personalised services designed to cater to your specific health needs.

Introductory Phone Call

Start Your Wellness Journey: Introductory Consultation Call with Victoria

Unsure where to begin or if our services align with your needs? Let's make it simple.

Why an Introductory Call?

Direct Guidance from Victoria: This 30-minute phone call provides a personal touchpoint to discuss your health concerns and objectives. It’s a perfect preliminary step to discover how Mind Matter Health can support your journey toward better health.

What Makes This Call Different?

Unlike the more in-depth pre-assessment consultation, this introductory call is designed to help you determine the right starting point within our services without any significant commitment. It's an opportunity to:

  • Assess Compatibility: Quickly determine if our holistic approach matches your health goals.

  • Receive Immediate Guidance: Get initial advice on managing your health concerns and learn what actions you can take immediately.

  • Explore Suitable Paths: Based on your needs, Victoria will suggest whether to proceed with a pre-assessment, direct you to a specialised practitioner, or recommend other suitable steps.

Benefits of the Introductory Call:

  • Clarity and Direction: Not just a preliminary chat, but a guided exploration of your health needs, providing clear direction on your next steps.

  • Tailored Recommendations: Personalised advice on immediate self-care measures or the right type of specialist to consult, ensuring you start on the correct path.

  • Low Commitment, High Value: Without the need for a full pre-assessment, this call offers valuable insights at a minimal cost and time commitment.

Ready to Discover More?

Book your Introductory Call Now (using the button below which will take you to our booking calendar).

This call is your gateway to understanding and taking control of your health journey. Use this conversation as a stepping stone to more comprehensive assessments or as a quick way to receive initial health guidance and reassurance.

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Service Options

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Assessment & Rehab

Begin your journey with our comprehensive assessment services, tailored to uncover the underlying causes of your issues. Whether you're experiencing ongoing discomfort or looking to prevent future ailments, our assessments provide the insights necessary to tailor a precise health strategy for you.

Follow-Up Sessions

Continue your path to wellness with follow-up sessions that ensure your health goals are being met. These sessions are crucial for adapting your treatment plan based on your progress and feedback, providing continuous support and adjustments as needed.

Education & Learning

Dive into our education and learning programs which are integral to our rehab approach. Our courses are designed to enhance your understanding of your body’s mechanisms and empower you with the knowledge to take charge of your health. Learn at your own pace and gain the tools needed for sustained wellness.


Assessment & Rehab Plans


Upgrade Option Following Pre-Assessment


After your initial Pre-Assessment, opt to enhance your health evaluation with our MSK Health Review for an additional £45. This option gives you a deeper insight into your health and a tailored plan to address your needs.

Personalised Report & 8 Week Rehab Plan



Step 2 of the Comprehensive Assessment following Pre-Assessment with Victoria

Valid for 3 months

Online Health Assessment for chronic MSK issues

Personal Report

Individually Tailored 8 Week Rehab Plan

Detailed Insights and Recommendations

Progressive 8 week exercise plan

Holistic health and Lifestyle Advice


In-Person Follow-Up Consultations


Stay on track and continue refining your wellness strategy with in-person follow-up consultations.

  • Details:

    • Duration: 60 minutes

    • Location: Pentland Centre, Lauren Scott Wellness Clinic, 44 Biggar Rd, Fairmilehead, Edinburgh EH10 7BJ

    • Price: £80 per session

  • Benefits:

    • Direct feedback and hands-on therapy.

    • Ongoing support to ensure your health goals are being met effectively.

Virtual Consultations


Opt for convenience with virtual consultations available upon request.

  • Details:

    • Duration: 45-60 minutes

    • Arrangement: Available on request

  • Contact Us: To arrange a virtual follow-up, please contact us directly. We'll find a suitable time and provide the necessary details for your virtual session.

Video Consultation
Mature Woman

Education & Learning

Discover the Power of Understanding Your Body

At Mind Matter Health, we believe that true healing starts with understanding your body. Our Full Connected Health Rehab Course equips you with the knowledge to activate your body’s natural healing processes and thrive beyond temporary fixes.

Comprehensive Learning and Personal Growth

Delve into our educational courses, meticulously crafted to teach you about your body’s mechanics and energy systems. Each module is designed to empower you with the skills needed for self-managed health, allowing you to become an active participant in your journey to wellness.

Lasting Change Through Empowerment

We don’t just treat symptoms; we guide you to a life free from chronic discomfort by empowering you to make informed, health-enhancing decisions. Our courses support your personalised, transformation journey, giving you the tools to manage and improve your health effectively.

Get Started on Your Path to Lifelong Wellness

Join Our Transformation Journey: Immerse yourself in a comprehensive approach that integrates personalised health plans with in-depth educational content.

Journey Package

Commit to a comprehensive six-month program designed to deeply address your chronic body and joint issues through a holistic and educational approach.

  • Price: £510, with flexible payment options available:

    • 10% Discount: Pay upfront and save, bringing the cost down to £459

    • 5% Discount: Choose a payment plan with 6 easy instalments

  • Benefits:​

    • Detailed educational courses covering three levels of connected health

    • X3 60 minute follow-ups with Victoria every two months to adapt and refine your rehab plan

    • Continuous email support throughout your journey.

Book Now: Contact us for more information and to Enrol in our Transformation Journey to start your comprehensive path to recovery.  Please note that you will need to undergo a full Comprehensive Assessment prior to starting this journey.

package 4 pathway.png
Transformation Journey

Why Choose Us?

At Mind Matter Health, we integrate cutting-edge biophysical knowledge with traditional rehabilitation techniques to deliver a holistic approach to your health. Our goal is to not only treat your symptoms but to empower you to maintain and enhance your well-being.

Empowering Growth

wellness journey v2.png
  • What is a Pre-Assessment Consultation?
    The Pre-Assessment Consultation is a 60-minute in-person session with Victoria at our Edinburgh clinic. It’s designed to evaluate your specific chronic or reoccurring body & joint health needs and is the starting point for new clients seeking personalised guidance on their health journey. It entails a hands-on assessment and Clinical Specialist Physiotherapy treatment (if appropriate) to understand how your body is functioning and how it responds to change.
  • Can I book just the Pre-Assessment Consultation without committing to other services?
    Absolutely! The Pre-Assessment Consultation can be a standalone service. It’s a great way to start understanding your health needs. If you decide you need more comprehensive support, you can upgrade to our full assessment package at any time.
  • What does the Comprehensive Assessment Package include?
    Our Comprehensive Assessment Package includes everything in the Pre-Assessment, plus an online health review which helps to capture further health information including postural analysis, functional movmenet assessment and a mental health screen. This then lays the foundation alongside findings from your pre-Assessment with Victoria to build a detailed report including personalised insights, holistic recommendations, and an individually tailored 8-week rehab plan. It’s designed for those ready to take a deeper dive into their health and start on a path to lasting wellness.
  • How does the Transformation Journey work?
    The Transformation Journey is a six-month program that includes detailed educational courses, three follow-up consultations with Victoria spread at 2 month intervals, and continuous email support. It's aimed at individuals ready to tackle chronic MSK issues with a comprehensive, structured approach to healing.
  • What are the benefits of enrolling in the Transformation Journey?
    By joining the Transformation Journey, you’ll benefit from a holistic approach to wellness that includes personalised insights about the underlying causes of your musculoskeletal joint issues, tailored rehab plans, educational content designed to empower you in managing and improving your health, and practical tools and videos such as relaxation techniques, Pilates videos and more. Plus, it offers savings over booking individual services.
  • Can I pay for services in instalments?
    Yes, for our Transformation Journey package, we offer flexible payment options, including the ability to pay in instalments. You can choose a one-time payment for a 10% discount or spread the cost over six months with a 5% discount.
  • Are virtual consultations available?
    Virtual consultations can be arranged upon request. They provide flexibility and convenience, allowing you to discuss your health with Victoria from anywhere. Please contact us to schedule a virtual consultation tailored to your schedule and needs.
  • What kinds of conditions can you treat at Mind Matter Health?
    At Mind Matter Health, we specialise in treating chronic or recurring musculoskeletal (MSK) issues. These are conditions that affect your body's muscles, bones, and joints, often leading to pain, stiffness, or reduced mobility. Common examples include chronic back pain, persistent joint pain such as in the knees or shoulders, arthritis, repetitive strain injuries, and conditions like sciatica and fibromyalgia. Our approach is designed to address these issues by not only treating the symptoms but also by exploring and tackling the underlying causes to provide lasting relief and improved overall health.
  • Who can benefit from the services at Mind Matter Health?
    Our services are ideal for anyone suffering from chronic or recurring musculoskeletal issues, especially those who have found traditional treatments to be ineffective in providing long-term relief. This includes active adults, older individuals struggling with joint pain and stiffness, athletes managing repetitive injuries, and anyone looking to improve their overall musculoskeletal health. Whether you're seeking to recover from a long-standing ailment or aiming to improve your physical wellness proactively, our holistic and educational approach is tailored to meet a wide range of needs.

Ready to Start?


Choose the service that fits your needs and use the direct booking options available on this page to schedule your consultation with Victoria. Our services are structured to support you at every stage of your wellness journey:

  • Begin with a Pre-Assessment: If you're new to our services or unsure where to start, book a Pre-Assessment Consultation to evaluate your specific health needs. This initial step provides a solid foundation to understand your current health status.

  • Upgrade to a Comprehensive Assessment: After your Pre-Assessment, you have the option to upgrade to our Comprehensive Assessment Package. This includes a detailed online health review and a personalised 8-week rehab plan. It's ideal if you're ready to dive deeper into understanding and addressing your health concerns with tailored strategies.

  • Embark on Your Transformation Journey: Once you've completed your Comprehensive Assessment, you're fully prepared to embark on the Transformation Journey. This comprehensive six-month program is designed to deeply address your chronic musculoskeletal issues through a holistic and educational approach, supported by follow-up consultations and continuous guidance.

Book today and take the first step towards a healthier, more empowered you! Whether you start with a Pre-Assessment or choose to engage fully with our comprehensive services, we are here to guide and support you.

Not sure where to start or need some quick health guidance and reassurance?  Book an Introductory Call with Victoria.

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