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The Power of Physiotherapy

Updated: May 21

Why Physiotherapy?

If you've ever had a body pain or injury, you've probably heard a friend or family member tell you:

" Oh, you need to try {blank}, I tried everything and it's the only thing that worked!"

However, often that 'thing' that worked can have different effects for different people. There are numerous strategies and treatments out there, such as acupuncture, massage, joint manipulation, Reiki, exercise... the list goes on, so no wonder it's confusing to know where to turn.

What we know is that when you have an ache, pain, injury or you're in need of some advice on a body or joint issue, a Physiotherapist is best placed to observe your body and how you move. One of the main roles of Physiotherapy is triage, they assess and make recommendations specifically tailored to you. Physios are specialists in assessing movement and function, performing specific tests including; joint, muscle, vascular, nerve, posture and muscle examination, and use an integrated system analysis to work out the main triggers for your issues. They note areas throughout the body that can be a cause of structure overload, which is often the cause of injury and pain.

More and more, Physios take a holistic approach acknowledging all aspects of your physical and mental health, leading to more effective recovery and wellbeing.

Something we firmly believe in is this :

A good Physio treats the injury. A great Physio treats the person.

If you are suffering from aches, pains or injury book an assessment with Victoria now.

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