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The Benefits of Online Rehab

Long NHS waiting lists? Here are our top 5 benefits of online rehab:

1. You can start straight away

With an online programme, you can decide to start your rehab immediately. You don't need to wait for an appointment, or take time away from work or family, you can go online and get started. We know that early intervention is really important to prevent pain becoming persistent, so the sooner you have access to rehab the better.

2. Fit it in around your schedule

You have the flexibility to chose when and where you follow your rehab programme. Whenever you have access to your phone or laptop, you have access to your online exercises. You can join the sessions any time of the day or night! Rehab doesn't have to stop because you're working away, or you can only make a certain time of the day.

3. Access to affordable expert advice

Finding the right advice can be tricky. The rehab programme is designed and run by Physios, so you can be confident that you're following experienced health professionals who treat injuries every day. You'll have access to Physio exercises, Physio-led Pilates, useful tips and advice. We offer online Physio appointments too so if you do want to speak to a Physio in person to discuss a specific injury and have a look at how your body moves, you have that option.

4. Structured Programme and Daily Prompts

Each day you'll receive an email prompt telling you what steps to complete that day. This keeps you motivated and on track. It's flexible if you need to miss a day, or double up on days, making it easier to stick to, and most important to get the benefits of the exercises.

5. Taking control of your health

You're taking the steps to look after your body, and your health. That's a brilliant step forwards. Having online information and exercises will give you the confidence to keep on doing, or get back to doing, the things you love.

The Knee Rehab Programme is available now, click here to start.

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