Prevent the injury, change the mindset

Most people with health issues seek help when they’re stuck in the red zone. This isn’t usually the best way to take care of yourself and there is another way. If you can be proactive with your health and stick in the green zone, you are less likely to get injured, more likely to recover quicker if you do pick up an injury, and are less likely to develop chronic conditions which drastically lower your quality of life.

We’ve treated thousands of clients over the years, that means thousands of conversations about health, lifestyle, beliefs, barriers to recovery etc. When someone has a body, joint or nerve issue, we often get asked…”how long will this [problem] take to get better?”. Of course, we can give a ballpark figure based on physiology and healing processes, however, there is so much variability from person to person that very often, this is an incredibly difficult question to answer. The reasons for this variability are multi-layered and complex ranging from where the problem is and how long it has persisted, to having the right blood pH and biochemistry. However, one of the main factors in a person's ability to fight injury and disease… is their mindset!

There are many factors that impact health, we all know these: nutrition, physical activity levels, rest, stress etc, but really the journey starts with 2 different mindsets:

  1. What can I do to get better?

  2. Can you fix me?

When encountering patients in our practice, the difference between these 2 groups tends to be the predictor of how well this person will do. If someone is actively looking for solutions to their problems they tend to be looking for guidance on what is best to do - this is our first mindset. They have usually searched the internet for relevant exercises, pain relieving tips etc. They are motivated to help themselves get better and tend to be more ‘proactive’ with their health, making healthy lifestyle choices to keep them out of trouble. When they do pick up an injury, they ask for help when they need it and generally get better more quickly with less complications.