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Pilates Programmes

Your monthly subscription gives you access to all of the following programmes:

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Folding Yoga Mat

The Fundamentals

Pilates Basics

2 x 10 -15 minutes videos guiding you through the fundamentals of Pilates - from breathing to core control.


Beginner Pilates

Daily Sessions

30 different 20 minute beginner sessions, progressing you from starter to pro! We talk you through the exercises giving you the confidence to improve your body.

Child Pose

Mindful Pilates

Relaxation & Mindfulness

It's important to relax as well as exercise.  Mindful Pilates to relax, boost your mood and improve your posture. 

Cobra Pose

Daily Flows

Morning, Noon & Night

'Morning Flows' to start your day with functional stretches, 'Noon Flows' focussing on core strength, and 'Evening Flows' with posture-specific stretches and relaxation.

High Plank

Intermediate/ Advanced Pilates

Daily Sessions

30 different 20-minute intermediate to advanced sessions, guiding you to improved core control, strength and posture re-training.

Home Fitness


Heart Fitness & Pilates

Our unique blend of cardio fitness and Pilates.  For those of you who want to burn a few more calories whilst getting all the usual benefits of a Pilates workout.  Intense but worth it.

Pilates Programmes: Price List

Sports Pilates

Sports specific

Our newest series - Pilates for specific sports to improve strength, stability, power and most importantly... performance.

Practicing Yoga

Live Class Catch Up

Daily Sessions

Catch up on any missed live 30 minute Pilates classes.  Videos are available for 48 hours after broadcast in case you didn't catch it live.

Back Pain

Rehab Pilates

Physio-led Pilates 

Introducing a 3-part series for low back pain, neck & shoulder pain, and knee pain. Designed and led by our Physios. 

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