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Pilates really is for everyone - all ages and abilities. Simply explained, it's a form of exercise designed to work your deep stabilising muscles to support your joints and improve your body alignment and posture. When your body is well balanced, it prevents muscle and joint overload, which can lead to injuries. You'll feel stronger, lighter and more toned in no time. 

Whether you are eighteen or eighty, new to exercise or a marathon runner, Pilates is an essential part of your routine. 

If you're new to Pilates or haven't done a class for a while, we'd recommend starting with the 'Pilates Fundamentals' programme. 

Our Pilates Instructors

Catriona Dourish

Physiotherapist & Polestar trained Pilates Instructor

Lauren Scott

Personal Trainer & Polestar trained Pilates Instructor

Lynne Martin

Massage Therapist & Body Control trained Pilates Instructor

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