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Working Out at Home

Do you want to improve your posture? 

Build strength and flexibility? 

Not sure where to start? 

Do you feel stiff and tight?

Do you want to improve your core strength and balance? 

Want to improve your posture? 

Pilates really is for everyone, all ages and abilities. Simply explained, it's a form of exercise designed to work your deep stabilising muscles which support your joints, improve your body alignment and posture. You'll feel stronger, taller, lighter and more toned in no time. 

Whether you are eighteen or eighty, new to exercise or a marathon runner,

Pilates is an essential part of your routine. 

If you're new to Pilates or haven't done a class for a while re'd recommend starting with

our 'Pilates Fundamentals' programme. 

"In 10 sessions you'll feel the difference, 
In 20, you'll see the difference
and in 30 you'll have a new body"

- Joseph Pilates -

Online Fitness

Pilates Options





We offer a wide range of Pilates programmes including recorded programmes you can access at any time, as well as new Pilates classes added weekly. Whether you are joining us for Pilates or as part of your rehabilitation, we have programmes to suit you.


For only £29.99 per month you have access to all of our Pilates videos, classes, programmes and 4 - week Rehab plans. 


Want to try before you buy? Sign up now for your FREE 14 day trial and enjoy all the benefits of feeling stronger, fitter and more flexible.


MMH Unlimited

You'll have full access to ALL Pilates classes, ALL Physio-led 4 - Week Rehabilitation Programmes and all of the following Pilates programmes:

Folding Yoga Mat

The Fundamentals

Pilates Basics

2 x 10 -15 minutes videos guiding you through the fundamentals of Pilates - from breathing to core control.

2 people exercising at home

Beginner Pilates

Daily Sessions

30 different 20 minute beginner sessions, progressing you from starter to pro! We talk you through the exercises giving you the confidence to improve your body.

Child Pose

Mindful Pilates

Relaxation & Mindfulness

It's important to relax as well as exercise.  Mindful Pilates to relax, boost your mood and improve your posture. 

Cobra Pose

Daily Flows

Morning, Noon & Night

'Morning Flows' to start your day with functional stretches, 'Noon Flows' focussing on core strength, and 'Evening Flows' with posture-specific stretches and relaxation.

High Plank

Intermediate/ Advanced Pilates

Daily Sessions

30 different 20-minute intermediate to advanced sessions, guiding you to improved core control, strength and posture re-training.

Yoga Studio

Pilates for Balance

Good stability

Work on improving your standing and walking balance with these workout videos.  Build confidence trhough these stabilising exercises with Lynne.


Sports Pilates

Sports specific

Our newest series - Pilates for specific sports to improve strength, stability, power and most importantly... performance.

Practicing Yoga

Live Class Catch Up

Daily Sessions

Catch up on any missed live 30 minute Pilates classes.  Videos are available for 48 hours after broadcast in case you didn't catch it live.

Back Pain

Rehab Pilates

Physio-led Pilates 

Introducing a 3-part series for low back pain, neck & shoulder pain, and knee pain. Designed and led by our Physios. 

Pilates Classes
Exercising at Home


Pilates Classes

Popular with our members, our 30 minute Pilates classes are perfect for maintaining your physical flexibility and strength.  We add 3 new classes every week to keep you going. 

Weekly Classes available for the whole week.  These classes are added to our class catch-up channel for monthly subscribers. 

Duration: 30 mins 

Price: Included in our 'MMH Monthly' subscription plan.


Rehab Programmes

Suffering from joint or body issues and not sure where to start?

Our 4-week structured rehab programmes are a blend of Physiotherapy exercises, pain relief hints & tips, and Pilates sessions.  Our daily notification system will prompt you on the steps to take progressing you from total beginner to Pilates enthusiast.



Best Value

MMH Monthly



Every month

Monthly subscription for Mind Matter Health Platform

Valid until canceled
7 day free trial


Unlimited Access to all Pilates Programmes

Unlimited access to 4 - week Rehab Programmes

Unlimited Access to all Pilates videos (170+ and growing)

Unlimited access to Weekly recorded Pilates Classes

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