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4-Week Online Rehab Programmes

For pain and dysfunction

Welcome to our online rehabilitation programmes for the self treatment of pain and dysfunction. 

4-week structured rehabilitation plans for anyone suffering from chronic or re-occurring body and joint pain, stiffness or weakness.  These are also excellent for anyone wanting to generally improve their flexibility, strength, posture, and prevent joint and limb injuries in the future.

You'll combine online Physio and Pilates videos along with education and advice on how to recover from your symptoms. The exercises and Pilates classes take between 10 and 20 minutes to complete, so you can fit it in around your day. 


These easy to follow programmes are your personal online therapy. With day by day steps and notifications, you can work through the videos and exercises in your own home at your own leisure. We've included Physio guidance on how best to tackle your issues, reduce your symptoms and remain symptom free.

Do I need any equipment for the programme? 

Just yourself and a mat! We want to make it as easy as possible for you to join from home. Occasionally we use a small step or a chair to hold onto for balance, but other than that you don't need any specific equipment. 

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Tips & Advice

Senior Physiotherapy



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Clinical Pilates

  • Physio exercise videos 

  • Rehab Pilates videos 

  • Mindful/Relaxation Pilates

  • Pilates Class Experience

  • Physiotherapy advice and tips on ways to manage and reduce symptoms

  • Daily email notifications when your next steps are due

What's Included

Pay as You Go for £25 for the complete programme, or join for FREE with MMH Monthly subscription.

Please note, the programmes are structured for 4 weeks.  We know that things can happen during this time so each programme is accessible for 6 weeks.  Programmes are suitable for the majority of mild to moderate musculoskeletal issues such as joint and body stiffness, aches & pain.    

If you are suffering from severe pain, neurological disorder or cardiovascular disease, please consult your Doctor or Physiotherapist prior to buying this package. You can make an online Physio appointment with us by clicking here

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