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What's your HealthScore?

Your Journey to Health

Find our how healthy you are physically and mentally, with our FREE HealthScore health checker.

Born from a genuine desire to unlock your full potential and prevent injury,

our experienced Physiotherapists at Mind Matter Health have devised HealthScore.

Blending digital technology with our own health expertise, our unique health checker will show how your physical and mental states are affecting your overall health and what you can do to help.  

Over many years of treating thousands of patients,

we've learned that not everyone (in fact very few) know what's actually affecting their own health.

It's completely FREE and anonymous,

we don't save your personal data unless you want to hear more about our research and offers.  

So have a go, what's your HealthScore? 

 *Quick note before you start - 

There are a few physical exercises to complete in HealthScore (don't worry, it will only take a few minutes), so make sure you have room to move.)


What People Say


I was impressed at how accurate the HealthScore was at determining my problematic body areas - now my tight hamstrings make sense.


The exercises were pretty fun and easy to do, we should all have to do HealthScore weekly to make sure we're on track.


I've been trying to get back into exercise for a while but have been struggling to get motivated.  HealthScore has given me the inspiration to do something about it.

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