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Employee Wellbeing

Digital health screening, wellbeing strategy services, online Pilates and Physiotherapy to support your employee health.

Similing Team

Let us pay you to support your employee health.

Yes, that's right! 

Because we're passionate about health and happiness, we can help you support your employee well-being with no cost to the company*. 

We'll even pay you to do so...

*We offer a number of packages for businesses, including a FREE basic package to get you started. 

We can help not only with your employee physical health, but also identify those who need mental health support, and provide strategic wellbeing reports to help you plan now and for the future.

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Yoga Class
On a Video Call
Financial Report


What's your healthscore?

Our unique digital health screening system that anyone can do on their own.  Establish physical and mental health levels and how they are impacting wellbeing.  Personalised recommendations on how to improve.


Join from work, home or on the go

Keeping your employees motivated with fresh content and inspiration from our Pilates Instructors. Unlimited access to all Pilates videos, programmes, challenges and live classes.


Expert Physiotherapists

We're here to help. Online booking for a virtual Physiotherapy assessment from anywhere in the UK. Our Physios will assess, advise and support all musculoskeletal problems.


Detailed wellbeing report

Compiled through our own unique data gathering and data analytics system, find out what the wellbeing 'hot-spots' are within your company.  Use the data,  insights and tailored recommendations for efficient wellbeing strategy planning.

Strategy is Key

You know you want to improve employee health, you've researched ideas and your team is behind you... but, which employee wellbeing initiatives are best for you and your company and how do you know they're being effective?  You're not alone, 85% of employers we've spoken to have said the same thing.

Let us do the hard work for you.

Targeted Wellness services - Maximise benefit & measure returns.


Understanding your employee needs goes a long way.  Once you have a baseline, it's easier to measure, analyse and personalise your strategic wellbeing plan now and for the future.

Talk to us today about how we can help you help your people.

  • No cost to the company

  • Commission for each employee signed up to our services

  • Free HealthScore screening for all employees

  • Help with wellbeing campaign including a FREE webinar

  • Digital and Physiotherapy support to employees

We're with you all the way.

The Human Touch

Although our services are online for ease of access, we believe that real human connection is important.  You will have access to your own MMH wellbeing ambassador (who is human and a specialist Physiotherapist), who will connect with you and support you throughout your time with us. From emails, to phone calls and face-to-face meetings, whichever you prefer, we want you to feel connected throughout.


We have over 30 years of health and wellbeing experience.  Our unique HealthScore allows us to check physical and mental health of each individual remotely, and provide tailored health recommendations to both the employee and the company.  Our online Pilates and Physiotherapy services are proven to improve health and are a great way to connect with and support your team.

Helping Hands

Make a difference. 


Physical activity is not only good for body health, it has also been shown to reduce depression risk and raise levels of cognitive functioning in adults of all ages.


HealthScore is on average 12% lower if a MusculoSkeletal Disorder (MSD) is present.

MSDs are most prevalent between the ages of 35-54

Those participating in Pilates are less likely to suffer a severe MSD

Healthy weight

People who do Pilates have a healthier body mass index.

A healthy body weight reduces the risk of serious health conditions such as heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure and cancer.

Mental Health

Mental health is 15% better in people who do Pilates.


People who regularly do Pilates are 25% more motivated in their daily lives. 

Physical health

People who do Pilates maintain their physical function as they age.

Flexibility, core strength, and balance (all essential for good posture and body health) are up to 25%  better in people who do Pilates.

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