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Tablet physiotherapy and senior patient for consultation with shoulder pain, injury and as

A New Approach to Wellness

Unlock your Body's Natural Power To Heal

Our Approach to Wellness at Mind Matter Health

A Biophysics-Inspired Journey to Lasting Health

Revolutionising Recovery

At Mind Matter Health, led by the expertise of Victoria Anderson, we redefine the treatment of chronic musculoskeletal (MSK) conditions. By integrating the precision of biophysics with advanced Physiotherapy and holistic integrated health, our approach goes beyond symptom relief to promote deep, lasting healing.

Our Comprehensive Consultation Packages

Initial Steps to Understanding Your Health
Comprehensive MSK Health Review: Your treatment begins with a thorough evaluation, including:

  • Detailed questionnaires to understand your symptoms

  • Postural analyses and functional movement tests

  • Mental health assessment

  • In-Person Consultation and hands-on assessment with Victoria


This comprehensive review ensures we capture a full picture of your physical and emotional health.

Biophysical Analysis:
We apply biophysical principles to interpret your body’s signals, aiming to discover the root causes of your discomfort, not just treat the symptoms.

Personalised Rehabilitation Plans

Mind Matter Health reflects Victoria's Physiotherapy holistic approach to health, where Eastern medical philosophies meet Western medicine principles. This integrative model is fueled by Victoria's continuous exploration of biophysics, energy, and the body's natural healing mechanisms, leading to profound insights into achieving and maintaining optimal health.

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