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The Kidney/ Bladder Circuit

You may be de-energised in your Kidney/ Bladder circuit. We call this circuit 2 and it's located around your lower back and pelvis.

Deficiencies in this circuit can cause pain, weakness, stiffness or poor function of the following:

  • Kidney

  • Bladder

  • Prostate or Uterus

  • Rectum & Anus

  • Pineal and Adrenal glands

  • Ears

  • Eyes

  • Frontal Sinus

Deficiencies in this circuit can cause pain, weakness, stiffness or poor function of the following:

  • Knee (at the back)

  • Lower back

  • Feet (dropped arches)

  • Ears

  • Eyes

  • Sex organs (impotence/ Sterility)

If you have a deficiency in this circuit, due to the tissues and systems it energises, you may also have experienced some of the following symptoms:

Learning about your body and how it works is essential to successful rehabilitation. Where your awareness goes, your energy flows. We break down how the basics of body energy and health in this article.

Your Recommendations

To help you recover from your body and joint issues(s), we recommend that you stimulate the muscles on this circuit. This stimulation creates pizioelectric electricity which helps to charge your circuit and power your body's own healing mechanisms.

The muscles that charge this circuit are:

  • Upper Trapezius (neck/shoulder)

  • Psoas (front of lower spine)

  • Iliacus (front of pelvis bone)

  • Sacrospinalis (lower back)

  • Peroneus (outside lower leg)

  • Tibialis (front and back of shin)

To get you started

We have created a short 10 minute workout for you to follow taking you through the process of releasing and stimulating muscles specifically on this circuit. We recommend that you download the pdf and do this workout at least 5 times per week for 3 weeks. We also give you hints and tips on how to rehabilitate more quickly and efficiently.

Stepping into your true power

As a circuit becomes de-energised, it takes energy from the surrounding circuits. People who have deficiency in the kidney/ bladder circuit, can also have deficiency in its neighbouring and coupled circuit, the Liver/ Gall bladder circuit.

For a fuller rehab process, we have created a full 30 day Physio/Pilates rehab programme specifically aimed at rehabilitating the muscles in both the kidney/ Bladder and the Gall bladder/ Liver circuits. Combining the exercises with targeted breathing and slow repetitive movements in Pilates, gives a much more powerful result and you will not only improve your body and joint issues, you will also be a big step forward in restoring your overall health.

Still got questions?

Empowering you to treat your own issues naturally is what we're all about.

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