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Whole Body Rehab Programme

For body aches and pains

Welcome to the Whole Body rehab programme for the self treatment of body aches and pains.  This structured Physiotherapy and rehabilitation course combines virtual Physio consultations and a 4 week exercise programme including online Pilates videos and classes. 

Three Steps to success:


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Video Consultation


Book Online Physio

Working Out at Home


Start Programme

This programme is suitable for the majority of mild to moderate body and joint aches and pain.  However, if you are suffering from severe pain, neurological disorder or cardiovascular disease, please consult your Doctor or Physiotherapist prior to buying this package. 

Package Price Normally £160, limited time offer of £75.

  • Full Body Rehab

    Valid for 8 weeks
    • 2 X Virtual Physio Appointments
    • 22 X Pilates and Physio Videos
    • 1 X Live Pilates Class Pass
    • 1 X Pilates Class Experience Pass
    • Daily Notifications and prompts
    • Advice and tips to relieve pain

You will recive an email with booking instructions for your online Physiotherapy consultation included in this package once you have completed your purchase.

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