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Pilates Classes Online

The best way to stay motivated

Practising Yoga

Join in Live or take part in Class Experience

Pay as you go or subscribe for unlimited access

With 8 classes per week, our Online Pilates classes are a great way to keep you motivated wherever you are.   

You can choose to do the class live with other Pilates enthusiasts and instructor,

or on your own with a pre-recorded class experience

You can pay as you go for each class, or for best value, sign up for our PROGRAMMES + LIVE plan. 

This plan allows you unlimited access to all live and pre-recorded classes so you never have to miss a thing. 

All classes are 30 minutes.

Live OR Experience?

Live Pilates Class

Popular with our members, live classes are interactive,  giving you the opportunity to chat to your instructor and ask questions. They will keep you on track throughout the class and suggest modifications to your exercises as required.


Classes are streamed live.


Class Duration: 30 minutes. 

Price: £5.50 (Or FREE with Programmes+Live subscription)

Live Class Schedule:


07:45 am - Multi-level class with Catriona

09:45 am - Multi-level class with Catriona


07:45 am - Multi-level class with Catriona

11:30 am - Multi-level class with Catriona

Pilates Class Experience

Great for motivation and for those who need a bit more flexibility on class times.  Also great for people who prefer to do exercises in their own time without being live on camera. 


Classes are available to view for up to 48 hours.


Class Duration: 30 minutes.

Price: £4.95 (Or FREE with Programmes+Live Subscription)

Class Experience Schedule:

Tuesday - Multi-level class with Lynne

Saturday - Beginner class with Lynne

Sunday - Stretch class with Catriona

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