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Smile Stretch

Rehab for joint & body issues
in 3 Simple Steps







Suffer from pain in your joints and body?
Struggling with pains in your back, neck and shoulder?

Aching, stiffness, burning sensations in you muscles or pain that gets worse when you move? 


If you are suffering from any general aches, pains and stiffness and find it is inhibiting your lifestyle, our unique 4-Week Online Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Programmes are designed for you. 


7 x Physio-led Pilates Rehab Videos 

3 x Physiotherapy Videos

4 x Mindful Pilates Videos

1 x Pilates Classes

2 x Balance  Exercise Videos

Hints, tips & advice

Daily reminders for steps to complete

Picture of Physio Victoria



Flexibility Comes First

The majority of our musculoskeletal problems stem from stiffness and tightness in soft tissues like fascia and muscles. Tightness in a specific area can have a ripple effect on the entire body, underscoring the importance of addressing these issues first. Enhancing flexibility in soft tissues promotes stronger muscles and improved posture.



Activate from inside out

Engage and fortify those overlooked deep muscles, including ones you might not be aware of, for comprehensive enhancements in overall body and limb strength.



Harmonious Equilibrium

Balance extends beyond the ability to stand on one leg; it encompasses the harmonious equilibrium and coordination of your entire body. This balance and harmonization facilitate easier movement, stronger muscles, and healthier posture.

Here's what you'll cover in the 4 week Programmes:

Week 1

Introduction to Pain, Physio & Pilates

Introduction to pain and dysfunction

Advice on sleeping positions

Quick pain relief

Week 2

The Power of Posture

Week 3

The Mind Body Connection

Improve your mind as you improve your body function, learning more about the connection.

Week 4

Pain relief that lasts

Learn how to deal with pain quickly and easily.  

Pilates-based exercise for

on-going pain relief, improved posture and to keep you doing the things you love to do! 

4 x Pilates sessions

2 x Physio Exercise sessions 

1 x Relaxation Pilates 

4 x Rehab Pilates Part 3

1 x Physio &


1 x Pilates for Balance Part 1

1 x Relaxation Pilates

4 x Rehab Pilates Part 2

2 x Physio Videos

1 x Relaxation Pilates

4 x Rehab Pilates Sessions

1 x Pilates for Balance part 2

1 x Pilates Class Experience

1 x Relaxation Pilates

Practical tips, stretches

and exercise programmes

to improve your posture

“I love this service, when I hurt my back I wasn't sure how best to help myself.  Pilates has made a massive difference and it's reassuring to have the Physio's on hand to advise and check in with."

What Our Clients Say

- John S -

“I've had on and off shoulder pain for a long time but it was gradually getting worse. I needed some advice on what to do to help the pain and have been delighted that not only has my pain gone, my whole body feels great."

- Sharlene J -

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